Learning about light and colour

Classes 3 and 4 have been working hard on their Science topic of light this term. Class 3 have been learning about reflection, Class 4 have been learning about splitting white light and colours.

Class 3 looked at how we use reflection in mirrors, reflectors on bicycles/cars. hi-vis jackets, cats eyes and solar furnaces. We attempted to heat some water in our very own solar furnace however British weather decided that we weren’t going to observe that today. The children were, however, able to feel the difference in temperature where the sun rays were concentrated. After this, the children made some periscopes. We discussed how they work before testing them from under a table to see what was on top of the table.

Class 4 used a prism to split white light in the colours of the rainbow (ROY.G.BIV) we also split coloured light to see what it was made of. We discussed the visible light section of the electromagnetic spectrum, then they mixed the primary colours of light together with LEDs and Newton’s colour wheels, to see what colours they made when mixed. Finally they made spectrometers to see what colours different lights were made from.