Languages at Wickhambreaux Primary School

At Wickhambreaux Primary school all the children are taught French in their weekly one hour long lessons with Mme Holland who is a native language specialist.  The children start in the reception class (30 minutes a week) with games, songs, stories, painting, dancing and food tasting all in the target language.  Gradually, they are introduced to more challenging listening, reading and writing tasks so that by the end of their time with us most children should have an excellent grasp of the language. Some children with a more natural flair for French also benefit from an extra session a week during which their talent is nurtured.  They shared their talent with the school and their parents who were invited to watch their performance of ‘La Nativité’ and ‘La petite poule rousse’ before Christmas.  The next play, ‘Le navet géant’ will be performed before Easter, so watch this space!

Our trips to France have proved popular with our pupils and teachers alike.  They improve the children‘s confidence as well as their understanding and acceptance of other cultures and help them make new friends.  Last year, years 3 to 6 prepared a project on various aspects of French life before spending the day in the beautiful town of Montreuil-Sur-Mer.  They got the opportunity to visit the historic part of the town, to sample food from the local boulangeries and to visit the chocolate factory in Beussent.  This year, the emphasis will be on making new friends when years 3 and 4 visit our French partner school in Mont Bernanchon.  There will be a lot of interaction during the planned activities such as sporting events, a loomband workshop, singing and eating at the school canteen.  We are also looking forward to 3rd visit of our French partner school next year! They sent us some lovely pictures of their school and pupils, Christmas cards and traditional chocolates, merci!

This new term has started with a buzz as Spanish has been added to our years 5/6 timetable and is also offered as a club for years 3 and 4 every Monday. This will give are year 6 pupils a head start next year.

More exciting things are happening in school; from this term, years 3 and 4 will be able to borrow a French book from our library and during World Book Day stories relevant to our Space topic will be read in French to KS1 children, KS2 will learn about planets in French.  We are reaching for the stars!

Finally we are looking forward to hosting another language festival organised in collaboration with Simon Langton Girls Grammar school. Around 20 students and their teachers will visit us in the summer term for a whole day of languages and fun culminating with a prize giving assembly.

Et voilà!