Empiribox Science


Here at Wickhambreaux we use Empiribox Science. This consists of a kit that contains very exciting experiments for demonstations and, most importantly, hands on science investiagtions for the children. This way the children get experiences that they wouldn’t normally within a primary setting. It boosts their confidence in science and their love of it as a subject. They are able to think, and question, scientifically.

Each term we receive a new unit for them to explore. The units are within the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and they change each year on a 4 year rolling scheme, which is excellent for us at Wickhambreaux as it means that the whole way through KS2 your child will get a new set of experiments each term. The children are taught to write up investiagions in a scientific manner, each unit that arrives has a different emphasis on the write up. The chemistry units’ empahsis is on gathering results and analysing them, the Biology units’ emphasis is on conclusion and evaluation and the Physics units’ emphasis is on designing and methodology. In doing this the children are developing skills and meaningful links to the literacy curriculum.

Empiribox is not only used for KS2 we also have a kit for KS1. These children are still being introduced to the idea of science and it is important to instill a love of scienctific enquiry.

I often get told by the children how much they love science. Not only does it improve their scientific ability but there are many cross curricular links that can be explored.