Class 4’s Bluebell Walk

On Friday 5th May Class 4 set off on an expedition to find the bluebells.

From the school the children hiked to the cow field in Seaton. Luckily the cows were grazing in another field. However, they had to tread carefully so as not to wake the terrifying ‘Mongolian Earthworm,’ a non-native species of Earthworm introduced, by accident, to the picturesque village of Wickhambreaux. The children crossed the field quietly so as not to wake them, because if they had, they could have been swallowed whole. Thankfully, we passed this dangerous field with no fatalities.

Onwards they trekked, over the stile where they were warned of the ‘Screaming Leeches,’ that inhabit the seemingly quiet river. The children were warned not to venture too close to the river’s edge, if they didn’t want to be pulled in and devoured by the deadly screaming leeches. Some brave souls peered into the river, but saw nothing of the leeches… yet. We trudged alongside the river down the path until we reached the treacherous Troll bridge…

We decided it would be better to cross the bridge as a group, that way we may have found safety in numbers. The brave children posed for a photograph on the bridge. The troll remained hidden for the outward journey but the children knew they would have to return to school across the very same bridge.

After the perils of the Troll bridge the children had to put their hoods up, in order to protect themselves from the ‘Drop Spiders.’ This particular breed of spider is as big as your outstretched hand. It lays in wait in the trees above; when it spots its prey, it mounts an attack. Silently, slowly, with care and superb tact, it descends from the tree, downwards towards its prey. Then it pounces onto your head, before sinking it’s 3 inch fangs into your head. Then it’s all over. The only way to protect yourself is to wear a hood or a hat, the spiders get confused when they cannot see human hair.

The children pulled on their protective headwear and headed into the forest. They passed the ‘Drop Spider’s’ lair, fearfully, but with ease.

The children were rewarded with the sight and scent of an azure carpet of beautiful bluebells. Well worth the perils of the journey.

The children are now using this journey to create their own Quest story as part of Literacy.