Class 4 STEM day

On Wednesday 22nd February, Class 4 were the lucky recipients of an entire day devoted to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities provided by the Smallpeice trust. The children entered their STEM workshop (class 4) which had been specially prepared for their day, with a sense of excitement and anticipation. The children were divided into groups of 3, and were initially tasked with breaking a series of codes to reveal a secret message. Once the code had been cracked, the children had to nominate: a team leader, bank manager (who would be in charge of costing materials and making purchases) and a chief designer for the two practical tasks ahead. The first task required teams to design and build a rocket for the lowest cost possible. Each group designed and made an economical, effective rocket, which would be launched in the playground. The second task involved teams restructuring their roles and designing a ‘crash-proof’ car. points were awarded based on cost, effectiveness of design (which was judged through a series of crash tests) and aesthetics. The children unanimously enjoyed the day, and remained enthused and focused throughout, creating some excellent, innovative designs.