Able Writers’ Day

On Tuesday the 2nd May, our able writers were joined by Andrew Clover (website) to explore the art of storytelling, using visualisation techniques to create imaginative scenarios based on seemingly ordinary situations and people.

We received an email from Mr Clover following the workshop:

Hello Christine, Lisa (and the mysterious Wickhambreaux Head)!

Thank you very much for a lovely day yesterday. I really enjoyed it, and was delighted with everything – the divine Ms Calder, who assisted with such skill and warmth (please pass on my heartiest thanks) the indefatigable Mr Beard who provided everything I needed the lovely hall, a great place to work, with the birds singing outside and most of all…  the children of Years 1, 2, 4 and 5 who were such creative, amusing, and delightful writers!  (Do send them my regards next time you’re seeing them all!)

When I came home, I was making my children laugh, by telling them the story of Eve in Year two, who made up the tale about the horse who had no legs, so he went to the town to find some. (Where he tried to steal someone else’s, but they came from a pig!)  So funny!

Anyway, thank you very much!