Residential Day 5

Today is the final day for us here, but we still have a fun packed morning of sailing/SUP/kayaking. We estimate that we will be leaving around 1pm, so arriving home around 6pm. I will update via ParentMail when we know a better arrival time. The children are excited to see you all!

Residential Day 4

Another good night. Today we have raft building, stand up paddle boarding, archery, buggy and rocket. Plus another very sunny, hot day!. Pictures to follow.

Residential Day 3

Morning parents! We were treated to a nice 7am lie in this morning! Today we are katakanu-ing followed by raft building, team building and archery. Pictures to follow.

Residential Day 2

The children all slept well last night, today we have a day of sailing, orienteering, team building, archery and this evening we have climbing and abseiling again. Pictures will follow.

Residential 2018 Day 1

After arriving and checking out the accommodation, the children had afternoon activities of climbing and abseiling. We have just had dinner and have a bit of chill out time before “egg protect” this evening. All is going well so far!