Wickhambreaux is a Church of England Primary school.

At Wickhambreaux we follow a Creative Curriculum approach for cross curricular topics alongside discrete subject teaching, which is supported by specialists, in Music, Maths, French and Science. Our specialist Music and French teachers teach all year groups, including year R and run Gifted and Talented groups.

Musical instrumental tuition is offered and coordinated by the Music specialist.

The children follow a full programme of physical education and sporting activities, enhanced in after school clubs, tournaments and competitions. Some of the competitions are held at external venues.

RE is taught throughout the school.

Sex and Relationships is delivered through a whole school topic theme week in term 6. Channel 4 materials are used and adapted by the school to suit our school objectives and pupils

Within the creative curriculum some termly topics are identified for study on the school’s long term plan, which is arranged as a two year rolling programme to avoid duplication. These topics are cross-curricular and are used to deliver aspects of the National Curriculum for Key stages 1 and 2.

Phonics Teaching at Wickhambreaux CEPS

All teaching staff are trained in the ‘Soundswrite’ programme and effective elements of this and the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme are combined to provide a high quality level of systematic, synthetic phonics teaching.

Reading Books at Wickhambreaux CEPS

Reading is taught and supported in many different ways throughout the day and throughout the school – along with discrete daily guided reading lessons in each class.

In the Foundation Stage, the children’s individual reading books are all phonetically deacodable – taken from a variety of publishers and schemes – to support the very strong emphasis upon the introduction to phonics teaching in Year R. 

In KS1 the individual reading books (challenge books) are carefully catalogued by book bands which ensure the children are experiencing a wide variety of text types and vocabulary whilst not slavishly following one particular scheme.  These books are matched to each child’s level of reading ability, which is regularly ‘benchmarked’ to ensure the level of texts they are given to read offer the appropriate level of challenge to ensure good progress is made.

In KS2 the vast majority of children are ‘free choice readers’ with individual reading and it is in Guided Reading lessons that the texts are selected from a wide range of schemes and non-scheme books whilst still being matched to offer the correct level of challenge required to ensure good progress is made.

Themed weeks are also planned to enhance the curriculum and motivate pupils; examples of the work carried out in these weeks is available on the website in the News and Gallery sections.


The school is arranged in mixed age groups after the Foundation Stage and the topics therefore rotate on a two year cycle.


Year R  follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

The following topics are studied:

Term 1 -We are special.

Term 2- Special Times.

Term 5- Special Places.

Term 6- Special Objects.


Year 1 and 2 mixed age class:

Topic cycle A

Term 1- Vikings

Term 3- Saxons.

Term 5- Our Local Environment.

Term6- Homes.


Topic Cycle B

Term 1- Special events.

Term 3- Great Fire of London.

Term 4- Local History.

Term 6- Seaside.


Year 3 and 4 mixed age class.

Topic cycle A

Term 1- India.

Term 3- Romans

Term 5- Weather


Topic Cycle B

Term 1-  Ancient Egypt

Term 3- Local Geographical Studies-contrast local environments.

Term5- Tudors.


Year 5 and 6 mixed age class.

Topic cycle A

Term 1- World War 2

Term 3- Incas/ Aztecs

Term 5- Mountains or Islands.


Topic Cycle B

Term 1-  Victorians

Term 3- Greeks

Term 5- Coasts and Rivers